Why subscribe to Dispatches From Waldo?

My name is James Baker. I am a Waldo neighborhood resident in Kansas City, Missouri.

Inspired by Jamelle Bouie’s New York Times’ Newsletter, Dave Weigel’s The Trailer, and Anne Helen Petersen’s Culture Study, I created Dispatches From Waldo as an outlet for to cover and keep up with local politics, test out new public policy ideas, and diverse commentary on a variety of issues.

The goal is to publish at least a Kansas City, Missouri City Council preview at the beginning of the week with a recap at the end. I hope to add in commentary, new ideas, potentially guest writers, and recommendations on what to cook, read, listen to, and watch.

You can subscribe here or just look for my posts on twitter and facebook.

I hope you enjoy it and send me an email (jsb9008@gmail.com) with what you’re reading, thinking about, and most importantly when I’m wrong!